INBCC your helping friends in India and the Netherlands

Namaste!  As a Dutchman living and working in Chennai since 2011, I am fortunate to experience the wealth two cultures offer. The INBCC provides a platform where people from India and the Netherlands meet, welcoming other nationalities too. The impact of uniting people from different backgrounds, creating an environment where we can share experiences, is essential in today’s world. During the events organized by the INBCC, the members and guests meet informally to discuss topical matters, with an excellent opportunity to mix business with pleasure. I look forward to meeting you at one of the INBCC events.

Lex van der Zande
 Former President of the India Netherlands Business Circle
Chennai (Until august 2014)

Welcome to the website of the India-Netherlands Business Circle of Chennai. The INBCC facilitates interaction between leaders of Indian and Dutch organizations located in Tamil Nadu with business or cultural interest in both, the Netherlands and India.


INBCC your helping friends in India and in the Netherlands

The Dutch have always felt at home in India.

It started already four hundred years ago, when Dutch traders settled along the shores of Gujarat, Kerala, Coromandel Coast and Bengal. Much later, in the 20th century, big Dutch corporations like Shell, Unilever and Philips set up business in India. read more>>

Alphonsus Stoelinga
Ambassador of the Netherlands in India


INBCC events and meetings

On the 24th of january 2014, Deloitte presented ‘cross border transactions’.
On the 26th of april 2014, INBCC and NBSO have organized the first  ‘Kings Night’  hosted by the Residency Towers in Chennai.  

On August 8,  2014, we will have the annual AGM, keep this date available
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The members of the INBCC have had the pleasure to welcome their new President on August 2014

Mr S. Sudeep has been President of the INBCC before in 2011 and accepted to lead  the INBCC in the coming time in the right direction.

Mr. S. Sudeep
President of the INBCC

Country head, Paques India


AGM 2015

July 31st, 2015, 7.30 PM

At The Residency,

GN Chetty Road, Chennai